5 Creative Ways You Can Embrace Winter In Your Apartment Decor

Embrace Winter In Your Apartment Decor

Decorating your home doesn’t have to be limited to fresh flowers vases and bright colors. Such décor doesn’t work well for winters. The décor of your home for winters must be cozy and welcoming. This chilly season, follow some of our winter décor ideas and turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Evergreen branches

The needles on evergreen branches are robust enough to withstand the cold but they also make for a unique piece to adorn your home in, and they are free! Collect some vibrant branches when you head out for a walk. DIY-ing some décor with these branches is a breeze. These branches can be used along the corners of kitchen cabinets, tables or even countertops. You might have to vacuum the needles off the floor every once in a while, but that’s no biggie.

Wintery candles

Scented candles have become bigger and better. The range of scents these candles come in is so wide, it’s hard to keep up! Many candle making companies now imitate seasons with the scents they create. Wintery candles are usually white, light blue or light purple in color. The most famous scents are orange, mint, pine Christmas pudding, and warm spices. Invest in some candles and let the welcoming fragrance fill your house.

Plaid design

Winter In Your Apartment Decor

Winters are all about plaid accessories and patterns. We all have scarves, coats, and cardigans in this print. It’s time to incorporate them in the décor too! Plaid fabrics can be used as runners for your dining table, napkins; cushion covers, rugs, and throws. Don’t be afraid to try new things in this particular design.

Christmas ornaments

Is it winter without Christmas? Not here in the U.S at least! If you aren’t big on having big Christmas-sy decorations around your home, start small. You can get some tasteful Christmas ornaments at a fairly low price. Just a couple here and there is perfect to set the festive mood. If you aren’t a fan of the red white and green, choose muted festive décor.


Cushions of all sizes can be incorporated into your living area to warm up the room. You can even have bigger cushions for the ground! Add some winter appropriate cushion covers and you are all set for wintery nights in.


 Your Apartment Decor

Pine is the perfect symbol to represent the season. They are easy to keep around the house since there’s little to no maintenance required. They can be used in wreaths, along the mantelpiece or even a couple placed on your table.

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