5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

It is an open secret that energy costs are expected to rise in the near future. With summer upon us, it is time for you to play your part in conserving your apartment energy efficient.

Small acts can make a significant difference to the planet. Not to mention, it can help you lower your energy bills.

If you want to save money and increase energy efficiency, here is what you should do:

Insulate windows

Insulate the windows in your apartment. Apart from offering protection against harmful UV rays and this upgrade will also help you minimize your energy bills.

Window insulation is a one-time investment and offers lifelong returns. If you don’t want to get it done professionally, use a bubble wrap to keep heat out of your apartment.

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

  Switch to LED

LEDs are energy-efficient lights. They are more durable than fluorescent.  A good quality LED’s average lifespan is around 60,000 hours.

In terms of energy consumption, an LED is uses 90 percent less power than traditional lights, such as incandescent bulbs.

Use cold water

Wash your clothes in cold water. Heating water consumes a significant amount of energy.  Use cold water as much as possible. Also, air dry washed clothes to save on energy. You can buy a drying rack for this purpose. Similarly, take quick showers in cold water.

Use power strips

Power strips are great tools. We can waste a lot of energy by leaving our computers, television sets, and other electronic devices turned on when not in use. Power strips turn off electronic devices and equipment when they are not being used.  You can choose from manual or automatic power strips.

Unplug electronic devices and equipment

Electronic devices, such as TV sets, desktop computers and laptops, phone chargers, air conditioners, cordless phones and coffee machines use significant amounts of energy.

5 Easy Hacks to Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

Most of us don’t even bother to check if an appliance is plugged off or not. Make a habit of checking and unplugging all electronic appliances and equipment when you are not using them.

Use these tips and tricks to conserve energy in your apartment.

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