5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Frisco

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Frisco

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a short family vacation or a permanent residential move, your move to Frisco is bound to be a good one.

If you want your family and yourself to enjoy this bustling place while getting a taste of the gorgeous Texan suburbs, nothing could be easier.

No encounter with this beautiful, sprawling city is complete without partaking in these activities.

Hit The Frisco Heritage Museum

If anyone in your family is a history major or just plain intrigued by the bygone days, take them to Frisco Heritage Museum. This place is solely dedicated to representing the rich history of Northern Texas, particularly the snug little city of Frisco.

Artifacts, replicas, art pieces, film and more; there’s nothing that won’t catch—and hold—your interest. The museum even has a historical building replica including homes, a school, a church, even a jail!

Experience Indoor Skydiving

If you or your children are too scared to actually go sky-diving, how about trying a fun little alternative with iFLY? This indoor skydiving for all ages activity is truly an unforgettable memory to share with your family.

Participants have a fun time in the flight chamber which is complete with a stable, end-to-end air cu

shion. This nearly two-hour adventure is sure to become the highlight of your trip!

Visit The Texas Sculpture Garden

With dozens and dozens of breathtakingly beautiful sculptures, this private collection is all you need to make your trip absolutely unforgettable.

The sculptures aren’t the only note-worthy pieces in Texas’s largest contemporary collection. Exceptionally done landscaping, the dazzling water features are all the things you’ll appreciate once there.

Head Over To Frisco Commons Park

Kids love an open, wide space to run and play— with more than 60 acres of land the Frisco Commons Park is the ideal location for it.

The large, well-maintained wooden playground, the handful of carefully marked hiking trails, and the fishing pier are only some of the attractions of this majestic park.

There’s even a soccer field, horseshoe pits and a booming amphitheater! Frisco Commons Park is equipped to meet all your family’s recreational needs.

Visit The National Game Museum

We all know—maybe a little too well—how much kids and adults alike love video games. The National Game Museum has preserved the numerous stories of early-beginnings of the country’s industries as well as the history and evolution of video games.

Visitors aren’t just restricted to viewing from afar, they can actually play the video games that are on display and get a first-hand experience.


With such amazing places to visit and activities to try, we wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t get enough of the place.

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