5 Simple Ways To Mix And Match Furniture Pieces

Buying furniture for a living room can be tricky. You will have to consider the size of  the living room, your needs, aesthetic style, your budget, so on. The list is endless.

If you want to save time, money and avoid all the hassle, your best bet is to mix and match furniture pieces.

Here are 5 simple ways  to mix and match furniture pieces:


Focus on color to merge different types of furniture items. You can even mix and match old and new chairs, tables, cushions, and other furniture items.

5 Simple Ways To Mix And Match Furniture Pieces

Color gives a living space character and positively affects your mood and emotions. Not to mention, color makes a room look coherent.


If you’re finding it difficult to mix up colorful pieces, stick to neutral furniture items.

Neutral-colored pieces can easily blend in with light and dark items. For example, if you have a neutral couch, throw in vibrant cushions add a pop of color to your space.


An important thing that you need to consider is the furniture layout. The way you place your furniture pieces can make or break your living room’s appearance and functionality.

Consider aligning them in a symmetrical manner. This will balance out the decorating styles.


Combining different wooden furniture pieces is an easy way to make a style statement. For example, if your coffee table is made from maple, add a bookcase or wall frames in walnut. Incorporate softwood and hardwood in your living room.

Furniture Styles

To create an attention-grabbing layout, merge contemporary and traditional furniture pieces.

If you want to stick to a traditional theme, you can add some contemporary accessories. For example, a classic lamp can complement a stylish, contemporary rug.

The key to designing a beautiful living room interior is in planning. Keep things simple, without stuffing your space with unlimited pieces.

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