5 Things That Make Your Living Room Look Messier Than It Is

Are you sick of cleaning your living room over and over again? Can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t ever look tidy or organized?

The accumulation of clutter that seems indistinct on its own can add up, making your living room look messy. Other than that, furniture placement and design strategies can also make a room look smaller than it is.

If you think you’re in a similar situation, take a look at some of these common mistakes that people make and remedy them immediately.

Exposed cords

Nothing destroys the calm and composed vibe of your living room like tangled wires that snake their way out of a corner and into your TV. If you haven’t tried to conceal them, you should start today! Tuck them behind a cabinet, but only if it conceals them well. For wires that run along your wall, use cord covers and paint them to match the color of your wall.

Windows without curtains

Windows have a huge impact on how people view your décor. Having bare window frames on display can make the room look empty, unfinished, and, ultimately, unkempt. Hang drapes or curtains to instantly transform your room into a sophisticated space.

Scattered objects

Scattered objects, whether they’re decorative items or otherwise, make a room look messy. If your remote is lying on the coffee table, it will look out of place and make the coffee table look dirty as well. The same goes for arranging a lot of decorative items on a table. Go for ‘less is more,’ and neatly organize your trinkets without trying to put all of them on display.


Misaligned frames on the wall

If you dust your walls and forget to realign the frames afterward, your room will look much more disorganized than it was before you started cleaning. Crooked or misaligned frames on the wall give off a haphazard vibe, and trust us, they won’t be popular with exceptionally picky guests either.

Lack of shelf style

When we say get rid of clutter, we don’t just mean getting rid of unnecessary items that are taking up space in your house. Design and shelf style play an important role in making your living room look less cluttered. Arrange your shelves by organizing your books neatly, adding a decorative piece or two on them, and not overstuffing it.

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