5 Tips To Care For Indoor Plants In An Apartment

5 Tips To Care For Indoor Plants In An Apartment

Indoor plants give your apartment a refreshing feel and a modern vibe. These babies add a sense of lush greenery to make your apartment come alive.

They can prove to be therapeutic for apartment owners too. You get fresher, cleaner air and the perfect hiding spot to spy on your neighbors in the apartment next door. (what? Who said that?)

For some, plants are their closest confidants while for others they add just the right aesthetic appeal to their apartment.

No matter how serious your relationship is with your indoor plants, these 5 maintenance and care tips are sure to help you keep them around for a long time.

Peanuts, anyone?

No, we don’t mean the edible kind. Packing peanuts are a great way to protect the roots of your plants from rot and the soil from clogging. Add a decent layer of packing peanuts to the bottom of your plant pot to have better drainage for the soil and a lighter pot as a bonus.


Pruning might seem scary to new plant-keepers. Just like us, plants too need ‘haircuts’ from time to time to look pretty, stay healthy and in optimum condition. This is an essential gardening skill that requires only a little bit of practice to master.

The timing plays a key role with pruning plants. Some plants are best pruned during winter while others immediately after the flowering stage. We advise you to do your homework before you pick up the pruning shears.

Let There Be Light

The correct amount of sunlight and water can significantly encourage healthy growth of your beloved indoor plants. This doesn’t mean that you should leave them to soak in the hot Texas sun all day long.

Each plant is different. Some types may thrive in exposure to direct sunlight for an extended time while others may be more shade-tolerant and need to be kept in a cool, shaded area of your apartment.

You Love Coffee And So Do Your Plants

Well, we don’t exactly mean a freshly brewed cuppa. Coffee filters, to be precise, are a total game changer when it comes to indoor gardening. They are an easy and effective way to keep the soil from getting all over the place, so you have a small mess—if any—to deal with.

Designate A Permanent ‘Living Quarter’ For Them

It’s not good for your companion to be moved around a lot. Plants need to acclimate to their external environment and even minor changes in the lighting or the temperature can upset their internal balance. Find it a good, solid spot like an out-of-the-way shelf that your plant can call home.

There you have it!

If you follow these top 5 tips, you’re sure to be greeted with lush plants as soon as you step in your apartment.

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