7 Creative Ways To Redecorate Your Apartment Bathroom

Love your apartment but aren’t so convinced about the bathroom? Look no further! Here are some creative ways to create a luxurious bathroom without breaking the bank.

“Easy on the eye” palette

7 Creative Ways To Redecorate Your Apartment Bathroom

Having clean and light-colored bathroom furnishings can open up a cramped space. They also induce a calming feeling. You can play around with the pattern of tiles too if you can make space for it in your budget.

A more affordable way of creating a point of interest is a rug. You can opt for a brightly colored one or a demure design. If you have two rugs, you can swap them to change things up in your bathroom.

Rows of tiles

Tiles have a reputation for being expensive. They’re only expensive, however, when they‘re used in large quantities. Instead of plastering your whole bathroom with decorative tiles, we suggest using just a row of them.

Place a row of tiles below the mirror, in front of your sink. Choose a pattern and color scheme that adheres to the theme of your bathroom.

Add some print and texture

Don’t be afraid of the two clashing! You may be skeptical of using prints as well as texture in your small bathroom, but they really work!

For the print element, you can use a printed shower curtain around your bathtub and a textured rug to place near it. Choose patterns and textures that will complement each other.

Colorful displays

How about killing two birds with one stone and creating an aesthetic display that is also functional? Use colorful towels, flowers, and candles to reinforce the color scheme of your bathroom.

Invest in a wall shelving unit and roll your matching towels to fill the compartments. A big mug with flowers can be used as well as candles in complementing colors.

Wall hung units

Clear up some floor space by investing in some wall hung units. Wall mounted sinks have become popular because of how chic they look. Place a wall hung mirror to finish off the look! All this added floor space will lighten up the look of your bathroom and make it look larger than it really is.


Large mirrors can really open up a cramped space. They can also transform the look of a room, depending on what kind you choose.

An intricate framed mirror will give a vintage vibe, while square mirrors placed on the wall give off a modern look. Mirrored tiles can be used to brighten up your bathroom.

Some free standing furniture

People who live in apartments generally feel compelled to have all the bathroom fittings necessary. There is no hard and fast rule regarding what you should and should not use.

If you have a small bathroom to work with, why not invest in free-standing furniture. It looks unique, plus, it can be used in a variety of ways.

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With our easy tips, you can transform a bathroom of any size to reflect your personality. Our apartment locating service keeps you updated with the best apartments in McKinney, TX.

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