7 Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment On A Budget

7 Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment On A Budget

Move your apartment a notch up without exhausting ALL your savings!

Choosing the right location and interior is not all that matters. Every apartment deserves an upgrade.

While aesthetic luxuries may be what you wish for, they are not always budget-friendly.

Here are some affordable ways to give your apartment a make-over:

  • Rearranging and Filtering

Shuffling up your furniture and switching their places never fails to add a new dimension to your apartment. Not only is this method great for giving your apartment a new look, but it is actually FREE.

For instance, aligning your sofas in a row and pushing the table to another side will just create a new space that you never knew existed.

If an obsolete piece of furniture is taking up a lot of space in your apartment and the contents of which can be adjusted elsewhere, getting rid of that will definitely make your apartment look bigger and more spacious. As an extra benefit, it might also earn you some cash to buy new things if you sell it in a yard-sale.

 Upgrade Your Apartment On A Budget

  • DIY Tricks

Instead of buying new things, getting your old ones repainted or freshly polished may save up on a bulky cost. Also, several do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas create innovative replacements for old things.

For instance, turning an old shawl into a table runner will make it look classy and chic.

Painting an empty can as a flower pot or using light floral-printed fabric which is not in use anymore as curtains for the kitchen window are some ideas. Several art pieces such as origami lamps or self-made paintings can accent the look of your living room.

  • Cabinet Hardware

Installing new cabinet handles will only cost you under $50 or maybe ev

 Upgrade Your Apartment

en less.

Swap the old metal ones for something more urban and trendy like leather pu

lls, acrylic or glass handles. This will add a new detail to your kitchen that will catch the eye when you walk in. Old metal handles are probably rusted, which give the entire space a worn-out feel.

  • Lights

Old bulbs tend to get dimmer over time making your place look dull and gloomy. A change of shade, warmth and brightness will also revitalize the ambiance of your apartment. Maybe over some time, a few lamps could be added to the bedroom and the living room to make it comfy and classy.


  • Light Switch Board

Dirt, grease or yellowing edges usually become the switch boards adorning the walls of rental places. Swapping them with new ones will renew the way your wall looks with a little bit of intricacy and cost. Finding a new switch plate which complements the theme of your ap

 Upgrade Your Apartment On A Budget

artment will also help upgrade your place.

  • Bathroom Changes

Adding bath linens, a toilet roll hanger, a vanity mirror and possibly a new toilet seat would make your bathroom look fancy enough for luxurious baths.

A vanity mirror on the wall is not only useful but also adds the illusion of depth merely through reflection.

  • Your Wall

Dedicating a wall in your apartment just to yourself and the things you like is going to personalize your place and add a unique factor. This wall could be a gallery of pictures, paintings or a creative arrangement of decorative pieces like plants, wall clocks and shelves with pieces set on them. More than money, this would require a huge amount of effort and time to sift through the ideas flooding in your mind.

We at Dallas Upscale want to help create the ideal place for living by renting out apartments that best suit your needs and could be upgraded by adding décor that conveys a bit of you.  Offering several locations to choose your rental from, we want to help you pick the place where your dreams take wings and décor ideas go wild!

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