A Guide to Selecting The Right Rug Size For Your Bedroom

The Right Rug Size For Your Bedroom

It’s no secret that your apartment can become the pinnacle of chic with the right interior design. Beautiful, bold rugs are a great way to upgrade your living space and make it the anchor point of a room.

Rugs can add a pop of color to bland wall paint, make sitting on the floor more comfortable, and add definition to your room space.

For some, floor space planning might be a challenge, especially when figuring out the right rug size for your apartment bedroom. Not to worry, though. It’s pretty easy to find just the right one.

Rugs offer a bunch of variety when it comes to size. To make a confident purchase, follow this guide on selecting the perfect-sized rug to stylize your bedroom.

Prioritize Proportions

When it comes to interior design, size does matter. This is because each item needs to complement your furniture.

The bed is the focal point of a room, and it is the ideal base for your rug. Bedroom rugs should seem like a natural extension to your bed frame instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Full Coverage Rugs

If you’re leaning toward an all-inclusive rug layout that encompasses the entire length of your bed, the ideal proportions are about 32-36 inch on either side. Make sure the size is enough to include the accompanying furniture like dressers and benches.

That said, you don’t want to overcrowd the room by having your rug cover every last inch of the available space. Leave a certain-sized area rug-free so as to not encroach upon walkways.

Partial Coverage Rugs

If you want your rug to frame 2/3rd of the entire bed size, opt for an 8×10 symmetrical rug. These are best suited to queen beds while a 9×12 size is perfect for a king-sized one.

This size chart keeps the rug from extending to your vanity while maintaining about 18-24 inches of space on either side.

Rug Runners

This is a flexible choice and one that works well if your bed is snuggled between two walls. It doesn’t matter what size your apartment bedroom is, all you need is the right placement for these rug runners.

One thing you should pay close attention to is the scale. You want your rugs to start and end at the same points on either side of the bed. These rug runners shouldn’t run ahead of the foot of your bed or be narrower than the width of your nightstand.


With this guide, we hope you have a fun rug-shopping experience to make a beautiful addition to your apartment.

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