Child-Safety Tips For Your Apartment

Child-Safety Tips For Your Apartment

Are you a parent who wants to leave no stone unturned in making your apartment the ideal living space for your child? Or are you an anxious aunt doing her homework to keep those naughty nieces and nephews safe at play?

Regardless of the motivation, if you’re raising a young child in an apartment, there are numerous ways to ensure they grow up in a safe space.

No childhood is complete without a few minor bumps and scrapes, but it should be a priority to make your apartment as child-friendly as possible.

Here are three useful child-safety tips for your apartment to ensure you don’t sleep with one eye open.

Create a barrier between your child and open balconies, windows and doors

Children are inquisitive little devils and if they’re able to walk or even crawl, windows and doors might pose a problem for you. Set up barriers such as childproof locks, netting and bars at potentially dangerous areas like balconies, kitchen doors, and windows.

This serves a multitude of purposes; they keep your child from wandering out of the apartment, getting hurt, or having a serious fall. This safety tip is even more important for people who live on upper floors of multi-level apartment complexes.

Teach your kids that cords and sockets are not play things

Cozy, well-kept apartments are some of the best places for children to call home. When you live in an apartment though, the building might not always be up to your particular standards. Exposed electrical sockets and appliance cords might be a dangerous issue, especially if the electrical infrastructure is aged.

Keep all cords out of sight and—if possible—secured to a wall.

Tape all unused sockets to limit the risk of your child playing with it. Sit your children down and educate them about the dangers of pulling on cords or touching exposed sockets.


Keep medicines and chemicals out of reach

Anybody who has been around a young’un for any amount of time knows that they just love to put things in their mouth. It goes without saying that placing your medicine box within reach is a very bad idea. Consider investing in a lockable medicine cabinet instead.

Another thing to watch out for is chipping paint, chemicals in wall paint—especially lead-based paint—that can be severely damaging to your child’s health. This is a problem associated with older buildings, but you might face this issue if the paint job wasn’t done right. Corners of doors and molding around the floor are common sites to inspect before giving your child free reign of the place.


These were the three most crucial child-safety tips when living in an apartment. The list doesn’t stop here, though. There are many more safety measures you can take like keeping indoor plants on top of shelves, securing bookcases to the wall, cushioning the edges of coffee tables and window ledges and more.


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