Creative Ways To Decorate Small Spaces

Ever feel like pushing back the walls to create more room?

Your smaller apartments or lofts could be made to look bigger. All you need is a few supplies, witty ideas to trick the eye and some time to spare.

Here are some suggestions to decorate small spaces.

Paint the Walls

One popular trick to add depth and virtual space to your room is by painting the wall. Depending on your preferences, you could either go for a light wash-over or a more artistic design. Either way, whatever suits best to your overall theme would be a better choice.

Did you know that some paintings can make it seem like there is no wall at all? Yes it’s actually true! You could paint to create an illusion of the wild, sunlight or meadows that make your space appear to stretch far beyond the walls.

Decorate Small Spaces

For instance the picture above gives the impression of sunlight filtering through leaves. Such a dramatic painting also makes the room look expansive.

Keeping the floor and walls painted a light color is better than a bold color crowding out the existent space. It is a better idea to put wallpaper on the ceiling to give a sense of greater height.

Another trick to make the room look elongated is to paint vertical lines or stripes on the floor which emphasize the end-to-end length of the room.

Glass or Acrylic

Wooden furniture usually takes up as much visual space as the physical area it is covering. It is best to substitute that with glass or acrylic furniture which visually doesn’t appear as jarring to the senses as does a solid wooden piece.

Adding mirrors to opposite walls in alignment also creates the illusion of infinity which gives the room an unending expanse and depth. This could also be done to multiply the aesthetic value of a window by mirroring it infinitely.


Using rugs to create separate divisions in the room to demarcate different spaces helps utilize the space fully.


It is wise to only keep furniture that has exposed legs. This does not compromise on the visual space of the floor beneath it and optimizes length.


Since windows are eyes to the soul of your place, concealing them with heavy draperies and thick curtains will shut down outside view. This often gives a claustrophobic feel to an already small apartment. It is better to leave the windows uncovered for more space.

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