An Easy Guide to Picking The Perfect Lighting For Your Apartment

The perfect lighting for your apartment is one of the most significant features of an apartment as it has the power to completely transform the appearance and feel of an interior space, for better or for worse.

An Easy Guide to Picking The Perfect Lighting For Your Apartment

Proper lighting improves an apartment’s aesthetic appeal and incorporates a touch of warmth and comfort to it. On the contrary, poor lights can adversely affect your emotions and feelings.Use these tips to select the right lights for your apartment:

To plan an effective lighting plan, it is important that you have some knowledge about different types of lighting. Generally speaking, lighting can be divided into these categories:



Ambient light, or general light, is the main source of illumination in an interior space. It’s an overhead light fixture that gives a uniform glow over the entire room. Ambient lighting is used for aesthetic and functional purposes.


This type of light fixture is designed for a functional purpose. You need task lights to perform tasks, such as reading, cooking, etc. Examples include table lamps, spot lights, under cabinet lights and more.


Accent lighting is used for aesthetic reasons. It highlights a particular architectural feature, such as a fireplace, of an interior space. Accent light fixtures, such as table lamps and chandeliers, help make an indoor space look more appealing.

Using a combination of accent, ambient and task lighting will add character and life to apartment. Not to mention, it will make it easier for you to carry out household activities.

For each room in your apartment, think about how much illumination you need. Also, consider the design of the room as well as the mood you would like to set.

Living rooms are generally used for watching television, dining, and entertaining guests. Use accent lights to highlight decor pieces, wall hangings, pictures, etc. In addition to accent light, throw in task lighting fixtures if you enjoy reading on the couch.

Similarly, you can use a mix of all three lights for your bedroom, while task lighting is a great illumination choice for the kitchen and bathrooms.

Apartment style

Is your apartment contemporary or traditional? Ideally, your lighting fixtures must complement the decor and furniture of your apartment. This will help create uniformity throughout your apartment. Based on your apartment’s style, you can choose lighting fixtures.

Lighting sizes

Choose the right lighting fixture size for each room. Measure the dimensions of each room before getting lighting fixtures.

For example, industrial pendants are the best option for a small apartment. They are stylish and provide direct lighting, without taking up a lot of space in a room.

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