Furniture-Free-Living 101

Furniture-free living is part of this minimalist movement. No, it doesn’t mean you that have no furniture at home and sleep on a hardwood floor. Dallas Townhomes Apartments explains this concept, it began as a way to help homeowners think beyond the lines of a compulsion to have traditional furniture.

Minimalism has crept into most parts of our lives. From our clothing to our home décor, keeping it simple and exercising aesthetic restraint is a burgeoning trend that’s showing no signs of letting up.

Here’s our guide to nailing the furniture-free lifestyle:

Set ground rules

The transition from a home full of furniture to a more minimalist living space is tough. It will take some getting used to before you’re able to fully immerse yourself in it. To get ready for the change, firstly, reduce the time you spend on the couch. Instead, practice moving around your home space more; this will help you get over the need for a couch at home.

Instead of lying on the sofa to watch your favorite series, take a walk instead. When working from home, replace your chair with an exercise ball. Not only will you strengthen your core while working, but you will also be able to move it out of the way to maintain the open space after you’re done.

Start of slowly

Begin with having your dinner at the coffee table and get rid of the dining table. Then move on to eating on the floor cushions. Your home will feel much larger without the bulky furniture, giving you more space to do other things.

Begin packing away your furniture one piece at a time. This gives you the chance to slowly get used to the idea of furniture-free living.

Find out if your apartment complex has a storage facility. Some buildings even give them to tenants for free.

Furniture-free living is also an opportunity to get rid of old and worn out furniture. Such pieces accumulate dust, allergens, and could be harboring termites too.

Invest in low-furniture pieces

Since furniture-free living is all about decluttering your home and opening the space up, look into furniture pieces that lay low. Instead of a heavy couch, choose a long cushion in place of the couch. You can furnish it to look like a couch with cushions on the back and a rug in front.

To make dinner time easier, get a table that lays low enough to eat at while sitting on a cushion. You’ll feel more relaxed in such an environment. If you have kids, they’ll have a ball playing around the house. There are also lesser chances of them running into any furniture of stumping their toe.  

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