Get To Know The Neighborhood Before You Sign Your Apartment Lease

Before You Sign Your Apartment Lease

Many residents in apartment live in the same neighborhoods for months and years without ever getting to know the place. A study revealed that only 43% of Americans actually knew who their neighbors were.

Some say they are busy with work, others with school and the remainder with house chores and social lives.

It’s never a good idea to move into a place you don’t know. So before you move up the property ladder with your new apartment, get to know the neighborhood better in these simple steps:

Go Out For A Stroll

Taking a stroll along the streets of your to-be apartment can help you observe the area. It’s the easiest and free of cost way to get to know the area. You begin to understand where everything is situated near your home. Make mental notes of the schools, libraries, hospitals etc nearby. But most of all you get to understand the kind of people living around. Some neighborhoods can be rough and you need to know that before you sign the lease. You’ll immediately pick up on the feeling if you feel like the neighborhood isn’t right.

You must take this time to notice all the small stuff happening around. Are there families stepping out of the houses or are there mostly single people living there. Is the neighborhood known to have apartment complexes or homes? Are there many dodgy looking people around? Observe the cars parked around, are they fancier cars or the usual. All such things can really give you an indication of a neighborhood and how safe and secure it is.

Visit The Shops/Department Stores

Every neighborhood has department stores, 24/7 stores, or pharmacies of their own. Walking through the aisles of such stores will once again give you an idea of the people whom you live around. You can take this opportunity to start a conversation with some of the people you think will welcome a chat.

Introduce yourself and then ask them their names and how long they have been living here. Ask them what the best places to visit are, where you can get the best food, the bus routes, and things of that nature. Remember to never be intrusive; everyone is now much more aware of the information they give out. Most people would be uncomfortable telling you where they live.


The Neighborhood Before You Sign Your Apartment Lease

Only 24% of millennials are known to read newspapers. It’s one of the best ways to learn about a neighborhood but it’s largely an untapped resource. Pick up a newspaper if the neighborhood you are looking at has its own publication. You can gain valuable insight into the area. Newspapers reveal crime rates and locations, latest in the area and important numbers to contact. If a resident has a blog page dedicated to local updates, it’s another great place to start.

If you are still having trouble learning about a particular area, an apartment locator can help you out. Dallas Upscale is a popular apartment locator in Grapevine. Our specialists will give you all the information you need to make your decision.

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