We live in a world of color. Although it’s not blatantly obvious to us, color has a powerful impact on us.

Research says that color influences our behavior, feelings and mood. Certain colors can trigger positive psychological responses. On the other hand, some colors can contribute to feelings of anxiety and stress. This is why it’s important to choose your apartment’s color scheme wisely.

But, picking the right color pattern for an apartment can be a difficult decision. Some colors can change the size and shape of a room.

If you’re struggling to pick a color arrangement for your apartment, this blog will make your life easier:

Review a color wheel  

A standard color wheel consists of primary, secondary and tertiary colors:

Primary colors: Red, yellow and blue (cannot be mixed with other colors)

Secondary colors: Green, purple and orange (created by combining two primary colors)

Tertiary colors: Red-orange, yellow-green, yellow-orange, blue-green, blue-violet and red-violet. (Created by combing primary and secondary colors).

Once you become familiar with a color wheel, you can pick and choose colors that best fit your taste, style, personality and size, shape and type of apartment.

Creating a color scheme

Broadly speaking, there are three types of color schemes you can work with:


Monochromatic is a one-color scheme. These colors are perfect for the bedroom as they evoke a sense of calm and tranquility. Various shades of a single color are used to create a monochromatic effect. Normally, white is added to brighten dark colors and vice versa.


Analogous color scheme is created by using two to three colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Examples include yellow-green, yellow-orange, etc. This color scheme creates a pleasant and soothing effect.


For creating a contrasting scheme, you will use opposing colors. The color scheme is more dramatic than any other arrangement. The use of contrasting colors gives off a vibrant effect. Balance the colors so that they don’t look overpowering.

Some useful tips to consider

Mix and match: Combine warm and cool tones to create a balanced effect. Not to mention, using opposing colors can bring life to indoor spaces.

Start with the living room:  When choosing a color scheme, start from the center of the apartment i.e. the living room. After picking a color scheme for the living room, you can choose an arrangement for the other areas of the apartment.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stick to a soft, neutral color, such as white or beige for the living room. This will make it easier to pick colors for the rest of the apartment.

Consider size of apartment: Dark colors can make a small room look even more cramped. On the other hand, bright colors do not ‘pop out’ in big rooms.

Do not be afraid to showcase your personal style and personality: What’s your favorite color? Think of your go-to colors when you purchase clothes.

Your home is a reflection of your aesthetic style, your lifestyle and your individual persona. Whether you opt for bold, bright or dark colors, they should represent ‘you.’

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