How Senior Renters Can Save Money

Retired individuals want their lives to be comfortable in townhomes in dallas.  With many downsizing to a smaller home because their children have moved out. This is also to optimize their budget and minimize spending.

According to research, 51% of Americans retire between the ages of 61 and 65. Most of these people save up during the course of their employed lives for this time.

Saving money post-retirement can help your retirement plans go a long way. Here are some simple financial tips you can save money while renting:

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Always go for an extended lease

When given the choice between a short-term lease and long-term one, always opt for long-term lease; one that is over 12 months. You’re most likely not going to relocate once you’ve found the right home for yourself. Furthermore, relocating can be troublesome when you’re older, so it’s best to stick with the place you have.

Most managing corporations prefer long-term renters over short-term ones. Though short-term tenants pay higher rates, the time it takes to look for a new tenant and the uncertainty of the timing make long-term tenants more desirable. You’ll be paying a lower rate too.

Most managing corporations prefer older tenants, someone who would be home more and care for the home more than others. Make sure you ask about the lease renewal so you can plan your future accordingly.

Get a roommate

A trend on the rise is for seniors to share a space with a roommate. It’s a great way to have some company and share living costs. You’ll end up saving a lot of money, which you can use for fun and interesting activities.

Make sure your roommate is someone trustworthy and similar in nature and age to you. You wouldn’t want someone who throws parties and plays loud music as your roommate.


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Your kids have probably moved out and have stable careers by the time you retire. You no longer need to have a big home for them to live in. Downsizing on your home is one of the best decisions when you retire; your living expenses go down and you’ll find your retirement money will last much longer.

Think about all that time and energy you’ll save on keeping your home tidy. With no lawn to mow and fewer bathrooms to maintain, you won’t be as overwhelmed with the maintenance of the home too.

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