Is Your Small Apartment Christmas Ready?

Now that you’re well into December, it’s time to burn off those chocolates by making your home Christmas ready! Doesn’t matter if you’re spending Christmas in your apartment this year, every space deserves to be festive.

If you’re unsure about how you can decorate your space, here are some easy and effective ways:

Washi tape Christmas tree

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This decoration idea is perfect for those who don’t have room for a real Christmas tree in their apartment. Use any blank wall to create your masterpiece. For the worried tenants, don’t worry, we’re not suggesting any permanent changes! Use some green Washi tape to create the image of a Christmas tree on the wall.

Washi tape is a famous arts and crafts item that originates from Japan. The tape is made of natural fibers like bamboo. You can easily create designs with this tape and they are available in all colors, designs, and width. Washi tape is durable so it will last well the entire holiday season.

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You can get creative by creating a Christmas tree silhouette by horizontally placing the Washi tape to form a triangle. You can also create an outline of a Christmas tree and fill up the figure with Christmas cards you’ve received.  Throw in some ornaments and lights, and voila!

As a finishing touch and to draw attention to your tree, place a Christmas skirt folded in half and place presents under the tree.

Hanging wreaths

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Wreaths are a festive and fresh way to decorate your home. Don’t limit your wreath usage this Christmas. It doesn’t always have to be large nor always be on your front door too! Incorporate the wreath design inside your home too. Hang small wreaths on your window frames.

Cabinet bows

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This décor hack is for the kitchen. Put big bows across your kitchen cabinets this holiday season. Your kitchen will look festive and your cabinets will look like tempting gifts waiting to be opened!

Frosty the refrigerator

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Don’t forget the most valuable home appliance this Christmas, your fridge! This easy decoration idea is not just innovating but also free! Use some colored printing paper or gift wrapping paper to create the coal eyes, mouth and buttons of frosty the snowman. A red scarf can be created with candy cane wrapping paper and an orange triangle for its nose!

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