Keeping Your Apartment Warm And Cozy

Apartments can get quite cold during the winter months. Don’t fret! With these quick ideas you can warm up your rental and have the best winter ever!

Change The HVAC Filters

HVAC filters are responsible for the airflow in your apartment. It is recommended that they are changed every month.

Changing these filters regularly helps your heating and cooling system work efficiently. When dirt builds up in these filters, airflow is dramatically affected and you might notice this in your HVAC system’s inability to maintain set temperatures. The system might also use more energy to maintain temperature, hence becoming inefficient. The cleaner the filters, the better the heating and cooling in your apartment will be.

Let The Sunlight In

High rise apartments receive ample sunlight during the day. When the temperatures drop, open the blinds so that you can get as much heat from the sun as possible. It’s a free of cost way to heat up your home.

Invest In Big Rugs

Keeping Your Apartment Warm And Cozy

Apartments generally have wooden panels installed to give them a chic look. While these are perfect for the summer months, they tend to get chilly when the temperatures fall. Carpets act as insulators to the cold. They serve as the perfect ways to warm up an apartment. Fun fact, carpets are known to increase the R-value (the measure of insulation) of the home too.

Don’t worry about having carpeting across every part of your apartment. Instead, invest in large, thick rugs. A fluffy rug for the bedroom is an excellent idea too!

Warm Colors

Apartment Warm And Cozy

Creating the illusion of a warm space can help with the temperature of your apartment. If you are not up for a paint job there are other less invasive ways of injecting warmth in your apartment. Change the curtains for warmer tones like rust and cream. Change the cushion covers and throws in your home. A warm colored, thick carpet can make a lot of difference.


Winter months are the perfect times of the year to try out all your baking skills. Not only will your apartment be filled with the most amazing aroma of sweet treats, but it will also warm up the place. Baking is said to be therapeutic by many so take advantage of the weather and enjoy some hearty baked goodies.

Now that you are equipped with the best tips to stay cozy, you can enjoy this winter season in your apartment! If you are still looking for an apartment to suit your needs, contact Upscale Dallas. We are an apartment locating service that provides clients with lists of the best apartments in McKinney TX.

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