Living The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Working for home isn’t as easy as you might think, especially because of the temptation of lazing around all day. To make sure that doesn’t happen, a work office is exactly what you need.

Designing a functional office inside your home is a good way to ensure that your productivity stays at an all-time high, even if you can’t make it to work on a particularly lazy Monday morning.

But what’s the fun in dedicating an entire room in your apartment to building a work station? What if we told you that you could have a work station anywhere in the apartment? Here’s how!

Any unused spot can be your office

If living in a small apartment teaches you anything, it’s that even a tiny corner can be your office. It isn’t just about sitting in a corner with your laptop. Set up a proper table and a chair, put up a soft board above you, etc.

Once you make the appropriate preparations, any out-of-the-way corner can be your own personal office.

Use your apartment’s layout

Living in an apartment means you have to make do with limited square footage. As such, it’s advisable to make an office next to the main seating area by placing a desk and a chair right next to the sofa to create a seamless live-work space. You can even add shelves on top of your desk and utilize them.


Fit a desk into a passageway

A console is a good decorative tool but it can also act as a desk. Since they’re built for narrow spaces, using them as work desks in passageways or hallways isn’t a bad idea. You can place one alongside a wall and turn an empty space into a functional office space.

Shelves as a working spot

This is for those of you who are particularly tight on space or aren’t willing to dedicate an entire room to their work station. Compact wall shelving is the ultimate solution to your home work station problems. Use the lowest rank of the shelf and pull up a chair. Fill your shelf with necessary stationery items, books, and a place for your laptop.

Create an open office space

If you have ample space in your living room, you can easily carve out some for a home office. Place a desk and a comfortable chair in the available space of your living room, add some stationery holders to your desk, and you’ve got yourself a work station.

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