Making The Most Of Small Apartment Spaces

Finding an apartment that ticks all the boxes is difficult; sometimes, even when you get the ‘best’ deal out there, you still miss out on certain features.

Some of the most contested factors during any apartment hunt are space, size, and layout. And as more people opt for apartments based on good neighborhoods and the proximity to restaurants, transport, and their workplace, having to settle for an apartment that’s a little small for your taste isn’t too uncommon.

To help you make the best of this situation, here are some ways you can make your apartment look spacious through interior design.

Install window seats

If your apartment has a window that can be turned into a window seat, we’d highly recommend jumping at the opportunity! Not only is it a good way to utilize space that’s bathed in natural light and is surrounded by a view, but it will also make your apartment look bigger and much more sophisticated.

Mount your TV

It’s no surprise that media consoles take up more space than anything else in your living room. Keeping that in mind, instead of putting a giant table with a TV on it, mount it on the wall above the fireplace to regain some floor space.

No garden? No problem!

Instead of cluttering your kitchen space or your windowsill with plants placed in a straight line, opting for a vertical greenery space will help you utilize an empty wall. Hanging pots in a straight, vertical line on a wall will give the effect of a higher ceiling, and consequently a more spacious apartment.


Shrink your dining table

By shrinking the size of your dining table, you can create some extra space and use it for something else. Instead of a giant dining table, opt for a small round dining table that’s sufficient for having lunch or dinner with a small group of people.

There’s no such thing as too many shelves

Shelves are the best piece of furniture you can use to keep and store items without using tables that take up floor space. Put shelves in your room and even in your lounge for decorative purposes. Other than that, you can use your shelf as a working station. Keep your laptop and notebooks on the lowest shelf, place a chair in front of the area, and work away.

If you can’t wait to try these tips out, contact Dallas Upscale Apartment Locators and let them assist you with finding the perfect apartment.

Our company specializes in creating customized lists for you, based on your requirements, to connect you with potential apartments. Avail our apartment locating services today to help you find the right lofts, townhouses and luxury apartments.

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