Pros and Cons of Living On The Top Floor And Bottom Floor

Have you always dreamed of having an apartment in a sky rise? Every morning, you wake up to a stunning view of the city below? A major deciding factor of which long-term lease apartment to opt for in Dallas is the apartment floor you’ll be living on.

A lot more goes into deciding the floor. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider of a top and bottom floor apartment:

Pros of a top floor apartment:

  • The top floor of an apartment complex gives you a view to behold every single day. You can sip your coffee near your window and take in the sight!
  • Since your apartment is further away from busy roads, the noise pollution is much less, the higher the floor.
  • Some say that living on the top floor results in a more energy-efficient way of living. Unobstructed sunlight reduces your dependence on artificial lights during the day time.

Cons of a top floor apartment:


  • Moving in your furniture and other belongings into an apartment on a higher floor is a tedious task. Professional moving companies too charge a higher fee. If you ever decide to move out some years down the line, you’ll have to go through the whole process again.
  • If there’s ever an emergency, living on the top floor can be hazardous.
  • Living on the top floor would require you to rely on an elevator. If the elevator is shut off for maintenance purposes or repair, walking up flights of stairs will be tiring and uncomfortable.

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Pros of a bottom floor apartment:

  • A ground floor or an apartment on a lower level is much more accessible. If the elevator is ever not working, you can easily take the stairs. You may also want to take the stairs regularly to save time.
  • Apartments on lower levels tend to be cooler than those on higher floors. You’ll end up spending less on your energy bills.

Cons of a bottom floor apartment:

  • One problem that tends to occur with ground floor and first-floor apartments is pest infestations. If you live near a particularly green area with loads of plants and trees nearby, chances are, these bugs are going to get into your apartment. If you’re squeamish about pests, living on a lower floor isn’t the best option.
  • Noise pollution is a major concern when living on the ground floor or first-floor of an apartment complex. If you’re living near a busy street or there’s construction happening nearby, noise pollution will be a cause of concern.

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