“The Inbetweeners” – Everything You Need to Know About Short Term Rentals

For those who’ve moved into an apartment, you know that moving days don’t match up perfectly. The existing lease on your apartment won’t necessarily end the day the new one begins. It isn’t uncommon for individuals to have a few days, weeks or months between moving days. Till then, they need to find a place to stay. There are quite a few options they could go for. You require a comfortable living arrangement in between the dates of the leases.

Short term rentals are apartments that are up for variable lease terms. The shorter the amount of time you spend in the apartment, the higher your rent. Landowners have to put in time and effort to land a new tenant; hence you have to pay a higher price.

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What do you get?

Short-term rentals offer basic amenities that make life comfortable for the tenant. A fully equipped kitchen is perfect to whip up some breakfast and simple meals. Those living in such rentals find that they save money since they don’t have to rely on take-outs or room service. They can easily pick up cheap ingredients from the store nearby and prepare meals.

Depending on the location and type of apartment complex, you could get perks like a balcony or patio. You can let some fresh air into your temporary home, unlike a hotel room.

What’s the price?

Staying in any location for an extended amount of time is expensive. At hotels, you’re paying for the ‘vacation’ experience. They provide room service and it is accounted for in your bill. Hotels can cost $800 a week, whereas rentals charge the same for a month!

Location determines rent

Image showing lofts for rent in dallas

City centers, popular tourist destinations, and areas near universities tend to have higher rents. The demand for housing in such places is higher. Living in the city center is convenient. You don’t have to spend much money or time to get to places.

Areas around urbanized towns and cities tend to have cheaper rent. The demand for housing isn’t as high because people find it inconvenient to live far from their workplaces.

Another factor that determines rent is the area around. A posh location with luxurious apartment complexes will be much more expensive compared to a more functional rental apartment.

What to look out for?

Understand all the terms and conditions well before you sign a contract. Read the cancellation policy as well and make sure you renegotiate terms that seem impractical. Every managing corporation adds its own terms and you should know what you are signing up for. Even changing the dates you live there can add up to the overall charges. Things like smoking and keeping pets should be looked into as well.

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