Things Nobody Tell You About Decorating Small Apartments

Things Nobody Tell You About Decorating Small Apartments

For someone who has recently moved out and is finding their feet in the world, having your own space feels like such an achievement. Your apartment may be small, but it’s a space for you to call home.

There are many upsides to a small apartment; the rent is lower, they are closer to city centers, and they are cozy.

When decorating your apartment, you may feel restricted to functionality when it comes to the furnishing and décor of your apartment. Don’t you worry, though! With these décor ideas, your apartment will look like the cover of a home magazine.

Here are some exclusive tips for getting the chic-est look out of your small apartment:

Step away from open concept living

Decorating Small Apartments

You will hear many home decorators recommend an open plan for your apartment. An open plan is when there are no demarcations within the apartment. It’s an open floor plan without rooms and walls.

Having such a living space can be very overwhelming on the eye. Your living space will lack definition and it will eventually bother you. It also means your home can easily look messy.

Define separate areas within your home. Each one should have a specific purpose and the décor and furnishing should reflect that.

A coat and shoe rack can be placed by the door, that’s one area dealt with.

Invest in a buffet; it’s an excellent statement piece that also acts as storage. Place the buffet between the kitchen and dining.

Place your sofa near the foot of your bed to create a living area.

Use one of the corners of the house for your office.

Don’t be shy and store away your interests. If you enjoy playing an instrument, hang it tastefully on a wall and make a statement out of it. If you enjoy bike riding, then install a bike rack in your home. Plants can also be used to mark out different areas in your home.

Multipurpose furniture

When working with a small apartment, every inch of floor space is important. Invest in pieces that work in more than one way. Don’t work around the furniture; instead, get furniture that works with your living space.

A sofa cum bed is an example of the kind of furniture you need to be looking for. During the day, it can work as your comfy couch and when it’s time to hit the sack, it can easily fold out to make a cozy bed. A hollow ottoman can be used to dine at as well as a hidden storage unit.

Make sure the pieces you choose are size-appropriate. Cramming big, dual purpose furniture is doing you no favors. Don’t lose track of making your small apartment look bigger by choosing the wrong furniture.

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