Tips to Light Up your Apartment Rental

Having your own space to get back to at the end of the day is a surreal feeling. If you’ve recently moved out and have started living independently, you’re surely looking for ways to make your apartment seem like best apartments mckinney tx even if it is a rental.

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The lighting of an apartment can help set the mood you want. If you’re a fan of bright spaces, you’re probably wondering how to go about it with a rented space.

Here are some easy ways to brighten up your apartment that won’t include any major changes to the structure:

Low-lighting is the way to go

Adding low lights around your apartment increases the brightness of the room and makes a statement. Low lights in the kitchen can help when cooking too. When places in other parts of the house, these lights can make the rooms more comfy when you’re trying to relax and don’t want harsh lights.

To achieve this low lighting solution, there are a few options for you to choose from:

  • Plug-in cabinet lighting can easily be fitted around the kitchen and other areas of the house. They can be stuck to the cabinets to avoid any damage to the walls.
  • LED tape is a very dim lighting option that allows you to achieve any look you’re going for in your home. These lights can be adjusted for brightness and come in a wide range of colors. They don’t damage the surface they are placed on either.
  • Puck lights are an affordable and easy-to-install lighting solution in an apartment. They can be battery operated and placed anywhere you like. Place them near your bed if you like reading a book before you sleep.
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Bold ceiling fixtures

Decorative lights have come a long way. You can get eye-catching designs that will draw your attention. This gives the illusion of a larger room with a higher ceiling. Ceiling lights can be easily installed yourself. They don’t require specialized tools either, just things already present in your tool kit.

Tall lamps

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Lamps give a room soft and diffused lighting. They also look stunning places around the house. You can easily get tall lamps online and they aren’t that expensive too. Once again, this plug-in option is easy to place around the house. Place one near your sofa, on your bed side table, and the lounge. You can get more traditional looking or more modern lamps that incorporate unique designs.

Amplify natural lighting with mirrors

If you have an abundant source of light in one part of the room, use reflective surfaces to brighten up the rest of the room. This tip is not only going to improve the interiors, it’s also a cost-efficient and low-energy way light up your rental apartment.

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