Top 5 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

So you found an amazing apartment and thought you were done? Its moving day and it’s not most people’s idea of fun. You need to invest time, money and a whole lot of sweat to make an emotionally charged journey to your next apartment or house. Here’s what you need to get it done.

Procrastination can kill

It sure can. It kills your time and you don’t want that. The goal should be to plan in advance and get started on the task as soon as you can. Book a reliable moving company or ask some of your capable friends to help you out with the process because contrary to what you might think, packing does not mean stuffing things in boxes , labeling them and taping them up. So snap out of it and get to planning!

Don’t break the breakables!

Watch out for these guys because they’re fragile and can easily break. Make use of loads of bubble wrap and newspaper to wrap your dishes, glass items and ornaments. Avoid stacking them up over each other and instead try to make them lie flat within the box to prevent them from cracking.

Leaving some things behind is your holy grail

Most people make the mistake of trying to pack everything without realizing that it’s not just impractical but also unnecessary. With a new apartment, you will be required to buy a few new things. Maybe you would want a new sofa because the old one is too big to fit through the door or simply because you’ve been meaning to replace it for a while.

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But don’t forget the essentials…

There are some things you leave and there are some things you absolutely cannot afford to miss—like your toothbrushes, your chargers and your medicine. On moving day, make sure you pack all your essentials in a bag the first thing in the morning; otherwise a trip back to the old house will just waste your time, money and energy.

Get your moving estimates

If you’re hiring workers to help you with the task at hand, plan the cost of your trip. It’s smart to carry out some research and get an idea of the costs. Ask around and look for references to hire reliable and cost effective expert moving companies.

Moving day can be daunting but it also essential because you’re transitioning from one part of your life to another. Follow these tips and hopefully your moving day will not end up in a complete disaster.

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