Winter Cleaning 101

Winter time makes us all lethargic. We’d much rather snuggle into a blanket and sip hot chocolate than clean up the apartment. Cleaning your apartment is just one of those “adulting” things you’ve signed up for when you got your own place.

Short term lease apartments dallas tx apartments can get quite messy in winter. Those heavy boots bring in dirt and post-rain muckinto your apartment. Here are some tips to keep your space clean this winter:

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Take off your shoes and coats atthe entrance. It’s the most effective way to reduce the mess on your floor. Your outerwear collects the most dust and winter rain.

Steam carpets and couches

Regularly vacuuming your carpets takes care of visible dirt. It prevents the build-up of dirt and dust. The fibers of carpets attract bacteria and allergens. Vacuuming them gets rid of it and prevents allergens from becoming airborne which causes respiratory problems.

Rent or buy a steam cleaner. This one cleaning appliance can be used on carpets, couches, and any other cushioned piece of furniture you have. Older carpets would need a professional deep clean. Those who have pets would probably need to get rid of the odors and stains on the carpets too.

Degrease the oven

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If your ovenisequipped with a self-cleaning option, you’re in luck! Just turn on that mode and let the oven do the work. When using a self-cleaning oven, it’s important to know that high heat is used. The leftover food is burned at high temperatures causing smoke. These ovens cause fire alarms to go off!

For those who are yet to get such an oven, most supermarkets stock oven cleaners. These liquids can be used to easily remove dirt and grime that has built up in the oven. Doing so will make your oven work perfectly. You don’t need to worry about your Christmas bakes being undercooked or burned.

Flush out sink drains

Clogged pipes are the most common problem faced in winters. Pipes tend to get clogged because of the grease discarded in kitchen sinks. The cold water solidifies the grease and it eventually causes a blockage.

Save yourself all the hassle by draining out the sink pipes and drains. White vinegar or baking soda work wonders. The mixture is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Freshen up the area with some lemon juice, its super effective in combating foul odors.

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